"A Quality Education for a Quality Life"


Monetary Donations

Weyerhaeuser - $35,000 “Success in Academic Achievement” Project

Michael L. Walpole, Architect - $500 DREAM Team 

State Representative Hollis Downs - $250 DREAM Team 

Community Trust Bank - $1137.85 - Lincoln 21 ACHIEVE School Banner Project

Wal-Mart Super Center - $3551.63  DREAM Team 

Weyerhaeuser $20,000 - “Continued Success in Academic Achievement” Project 

Resource Donations

Weyerhaeuser -   set of snake pants and safety goggles for SHS science project 

Pizza Inn -  student pizza buffet coupons for tutoring incentives 

Ruston Daily Leader - weekly space for  Access to ACHIEVE article


For More Information on monetary or resource donations please contact Cathi Cox of the LincolnParish School Board 318-255-1430 

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