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Please note:  Howard Auditorium and Thomas Assembly Center are located on the campus of Louisiana Tech University.

Graduation dates and Requirements

The three high schools in the parish offer over 105 units from which a student may select 23 units of required and elective courses needed for graduation and to quality for TOPS/TOPS Tech Scholarship program. The units required for graduation include: English, 4 units; Math, 3 units; Science, 3 units; Social Studies, 3 units; Health & P.E. , 2 units; and 8 elective units. (At least 4 credits in a career major/area of concentration, a basic computer course, and a sequence of related specialty courses are required.) 

In addition to completing a minimum of 23 Carnegie credits, students must pass the English language arts and mathematics components of the GEE and either the science or social studies portions of GEE to earn a standard high school diploma. For incoming freshmen in 2008-2009 and beyond who are completing the Louisiana Core Curriculum, the minimum course requirements for graduation shall be the following: 4 units in English, 4 units in Math, 3 in Science, 3 in Social Studies, 2 in Physical Education and Health, and 8 electives.

Last day of classes for seniors (2017-2018):  TBA

End of 2017-2018 School Year for Students:  Wednesday, May 18, 2018



 Date:  May 14, 2018

 Place:  Howard Auditorium

 TIME:  7:00 PM


 DATE:  May 15, 2018

 PLACE:  Thomas Assembly Center

 TIME:  7:00 pm


 DATE:  May 16, 2018

 PLACE:  Howard Auditorium

 TIME:  7:00 pm