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*On August 10th at 4:30 pm, ALL Google passwords will be reset. 

Q. Why will my Google password be reset? 

A. This is necessary to create a Single Sign On account for each user. This will allow you to use a single username and password for various applications, including Google Apps for Education (Gmail, Docs, Drive, etc), WiFi credentials, Windows computer login and eventually Webpams. The new account manager will also allow you to setup security questions to recover your forgotten password. Another advantage of the account manager is to allow teachers and students to be filtered differently while browsing the internet. 

Q.How do I get back into my Google Account? 

A. To get back into your Google account, please follow these steps: 

*Only follow these directions after passwords are reset on August 10th at 4:30. If you do these steps before then, you will need to repeat them after August 10th at 4:30.

1. Follow the link below, which will take you to the new Lincoln Schools Account Management page:


​2. Choose "Change password". Then enter your email address into the box below "Username":​

​3. Enter your temporary password into the box below "Password:" Your temporary password will use the formula:  Uppercase First Initial, Uppercase Last Initial, @$, and then the year of your birth. 

For example:  John Smith with birth year 1950. His password would be JS@$1950

4. Click next.

5. You will then be asked to enter a new password. Enter your new password. I can be the same one you used for you Google account before. 

6. Click next. 

7. Your password is now reset. You can now login to your email by clicking the link below or going to the Employee Mail Login link on our webpage. 


8. Sign into Google with the password you just entered. This password will also be the password you use to sign into the                      Lincoln Staff WiFi and Windows domain computers. 

9. You can also go back to the main Account Management screen and setup security questions if you forget your password in the future. 

Q. How do I log into the WiFi at my school now? 

A. Since you have now setup your single sign on password, you will connect to the Lincoln Staff WiFi and enter the same password that you setup in the steps above.