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(Rewarding Exemplary Academic Performance)

In promoting academic achievement throughout the public schools or Lincoln parish, Lincoln 21 ACHIEVE is committed to rewarding success and growth at all levels.  As a part of this effort, the following school incentive program will be initiated during the 2007-08 academic year.

Based on scores from the previous year, any public school that records Exemplary Academic Growth through improving its School Performance Score and/or achieves an SPS Score of 105 or better, will be honored with a gala event and recognition within our community; administration, faculty, and key school stakeholders will be involved.
Public schools honored during the community gala event will then be awarded an additional day off at the beginning of the Christmas holidays; administration, faculty, staff, and students will enjoy the extended holiday as the school is closed in honor of its academic achievement.
Any public school that improves its School Performance Score by 10 points or more will be awarded an additional holiday following the spring testing period (scheduled to be the Friday at the end of the Make-up Testing week); administration, faculty, staff, and students will enjoy the extended weekend as the school is closed in honor of its academic achievement.
Any public school that achieves Exemplary Academic Growth and/or a School Performance Score of 105 or better for two years in a row will receive an additional gift reward from the community; administration and faculty will be included in this component; the additional performance score will be adjusted to align with the program’s yearly targets.

This is based on the school’s ability to maintain the required number of instructional minutes; should a natural disaster or some other unforeseen event occur that requires school to be closed for an extended amount of time, the holiday day may have to be adjusted or other arrangements made.
In an effort to work toward the 2014 target SPS of 120, the process will be repeated during the following academic years with the noted point increments added.

Academic Year Scores Are Based On

Targeted School Performance Score

School Leadership Component
In an effort to promote inspired leadership throughout Lincoln Parish’s team of public school administrators, Lincoln 21 ACHIEVE is committed to recognizing and honoring the efforts of principals who effectively motivate and lead faculties toward higher achievement and more positive results.  Therefore, the REAP Program will include the following leadership component:

The principal of a public school that has achieved Exemplary Academic Growth will be asked to submit an overview that outlines each measure implemented during the academic year in an effort to effectively lead the faculty while positively affecting student achievement; evidence of impact should be included for documentation of success and effectiveness of leadership
Submissions will submitted to the Lincoln 21 ACHIEVE Coordinator following the announcement of School Performance Scores and therefore reflect the work done during the previous academic year 
·         Overviews will be reviewed by an independent group of community stakeholders without names and schools attached—programs, projects, initiatives, and other means of emphasis will be reviewed on their merit, creativity, related success, and overall excellence without the identity of the principal or school being revealed until after the winner has been determined
The recipient of the leadership honor will then be awarded the following:
Ø      A personal plaque of recognition 
Ø      Their name added to an ongoing plaque of record to be displayed in the Central            Office
Ø      A significant award of appreciation from the community

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