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AVG Anti-virus Setup and Instructions

**This software is only authorized to be installed on LPSB-tagged devices.

1. Uninstall any anti-virus currently installed on your computer that is not AVG. If you have AVG installed, please skip to step 2. To uninstall any other anti-virus installed on your computer (for example, Trend-Micro, Norton, McAfee, etc...) Go to Control Panel, then Add/Remove Program and uninstall the anti-virus. 

2. If you are upgrading from AVG Anti-virus 2011, please run the AVG Removal tool first before upgrading to the newer version. Click Here to download and run the removal tool. 

3. To install the newest AVG Anti-virus, please (Click Here). Download the file and follow the instructions. You may receieve a warning when trying to download, saying that it is not reccommended.Just allow the download anyway.