Lincoln Parish Schools

Emergency Notification System

Lincoln Parish Emergency Information

Stand by for Important information and Directions as it pertains to your student and school.

  1. Opening Statement about the Crisis

    • ​Give a brief description of what’s happening. Don’t assume that people landing on your dark website already know about the situation or your company’s background. A statement from the CEO or a board member may also work well here.

  2. Steps Being taken by the School System

    • ​Address the basic plan that you’ll be sticking to in the coming days, and lay out instructions to both the public and everyone affected about what they should expect to see from you next.

  3. Contact information for Media and/or the Public

    • ​Have multiple points of contact where the media and journalists can go versus where the general public can go to help, find out more information, or donate.

  4. Access to Real-Time Updates

    • ​Give information on how people can receive minute-by-minute updates if they choose. If you’re updating regularly through social media, like Twitter, include an embedded Twitter timeline or tell audiences to follow you. If you’re sending email/text message updates, provide info for where they can sign up.