Lincoln Parish Schools Virtual Program


This virtual learning option is designed for students who do not yet feel safe returning to the classroom. K-12th grade students who choose this option will attend school from home.

Please consider the following details before choosing to participate in this program:

  • Lincoln Parish Schools Virtual Program will require internet access.

  • Each student participating in this program will be issued a virtual learning device. This device will be provided at no cost, and students will be responsible for any damages.

  • Not all courses will be available through this program, for example Ag, Band, Choir.

  • If a student would like to return to in-class learning, the student will have the option to make this change between the first and second 9 weeks.

Virtual learning is not best for every student. Student placement determinations should take into consideration a student’s unique academic, social, emotional, familial, and medical needs of a student, as identified by the student’s parent or custodian.