Lincoln Parish Schools

Lincoln Parish Schools, 15 days ago

Lincoln Parish Schools will be open on Tuesday, January 12, 2021.

Ricky Durrett
Lincoln Parish Schools

Lincoln Parish Schools

Lincoln Parish Schools, 16 days ago

Lincoln Parish Schools will be closed Monday, January 11, due to winter weather conditions. Student assignments can be found on Google Classroom, or some were sent home by teachers on Friday. Enjoy the snow and be safe!
Classes will resume on Tuesday, January 12, and students in grades 7-12 will be on the B schedule for Tuesday.

Ricky Durret
Lincoln Parish Schools

Lincoln Parish School Board

Lincoln Parish School Board, about 1 month ago

Covid-19 Information for Employees and Parents:

Lincoln Parish School Board is aware that CDC has changed their guidelines for quarantine. However, Louisiana Department of Health has not released a change for schools. Please continue to follow the 14 day quarantine guidance on exposures until Louisiana adopts the new CDC guidelines. More information will be released next week on the new guidelines.

Lincoln Parish Schools

Lincoln Parish Schools, about 1 month ago

To: Employees and Parents

Lincoln Parish Schools have done a great job of preventing the spread of Covid-19. Thanks to our employees, parents, and students for following steps to prevent the spread. Wearing masks and sanitizing often has truly made our schools safer for students. We will continue to monitor each school for any outbreaks in the future.
Based on last week’s announcements, the Governor is allowing each school district to make decisions that are best for each district. Lincoln Parish will not be going virtual for the entire district at this time, but we are making some decisions to address the lack of substitutes in the classroom.
The decision has been made to continue to have school every day for students in grades pre-k through 6th grade. However, starting Monday, December 7, 2020, we will move the students in grades 7-12 to an A/B schedule which means students will attend school every other day and be virtual the other days. This decision is being made to accommodate the need for substitutes in the classrooms. With this schedule the teachers in grades 7-12 will be used as subs on their virtual days for any teachers who are out.
This A/B schedule will be in place from December 7 - December 18 and also for 2 weeks following the Christmas holidays, January 4 - January 15.

You will receive information from your school regarding the A/B calendar.