Lincoln Parish School Board
410 South Farmerville Street
Ruston, La 71270
Phone (318) 255-1430
Fax (318) 251-0810

Documents Required for Enrollment in the Lincoln Parish School System.

1.  Original Birth Certificate or Certified Copy

The certified copy MUST have the state seal on it. Hospital records/certificates are NOT accepted. If you need a copy of your child’s birth certificate and the child was born in Louisiana, you can go to the Lincoln Parish Clerk of Court, 100 W. Texas Ave, Ruston (318-251-5130), and obtain one. You will need to take a driver’s license with you. Also, there is a $34.00 CASH fee.

2.  Up-to-date Immunization Record

Age-appropriate immunizations must be completed as required by LA State law. The immunization record must be the STATE OF LOUISIANA UNIVERSAL CERTIFICATE OF IMMUNIZATIONS form. The Lincoln Parish Health Unit will assist with any needed immunizations or with transferring personal immunization records onto the required LA form. Please check the expiration date on the immunization form to make sure your child’s record is up to date. The Lincoln Parish Health Unit is located at 405 E. Georgia, Ruston. Phone: (318) 251-4120. Registered users may access family immunization records through MyIR at

3.  Student’s Social Security Card

If student does not have a social security carda temporary verification form may be obtained from the

Social Security Office @ 2017 Bular Street, Ruston, LA,(877) 405-7823. A copy of the actual card is required to be kept in the student’s cumulative folder at school. Once an actual card has been received, parents must take the card to the school where a copy will be made and filed.

4.  Proof of Residence in Lincoln Parish

The address must be verified by submitting at least two of the items below from different sources.

(P. O. BOXES will NOT be accepted)

Recent (past month or current month) bill from utility company, cable, telephone, credit card, gas, etc. (any bill received on a regular, monthly basis), any hookup verification (gas, telephone, utility, cable, etc. on company letterhead), pay stubs, state assistance, insurance, or bank correspondence, property tax records, mortgage documents, or property deed. Documentation submitted as address proof must actually show the parent or guardian’s name as well as the physical/permanent address.

5.  Legal Guardianship Documentation

If a student is not living with a parent or guardian listed on his/her birth certificate, then legal custody papers (VOLUNTARY TRANSFER OF CUSTODY) signed by a judge must be presented. Custody by Mandate or temporary custody papers, even if notarized, cannot be accepted. Foster parents must present applicable documentation showing placement of the student in their custody.

In cases where extenuating circumstances exist (i.e. critical illness or incarceration of legal guardian), a letter on official letterhead explaining the situation along with documentation proving extenuating circumstances must be presented to the Director of Instruction & Personnel who will present the circumstances to a committee in order for a placement decision to be made.

6.  Custody Papers

In the case of a student living with a parent who has custody issues, a court decree/court custody papers identifying the individual(s) being the custodian of the student must be provided.

Other records that may be needed for placement and/or required by the school or district:

A.Passport and VISA if coming from another country

B.Student’s grades (report card and/or transcript)

C.An IEP or IAP if the student has been receiving special educational services or 504 accommodations

D.Discipline records

Drop slip or withdrawal form from previous school