All Grades

  • Maximum Group Size: 10 including adults

  • Essential personnel report to support teaching and learning. Students receiving Special Education services and Section 504 accommodations will have options for in-person learning some days each week.

  • Students with no internet access may have options for in-person learning.

  • All other students participate in virtual learning. 


Maximum school bus capacity will be 25% including adults.

School bus passengers ride one per seat with every other seat empty.

Members of the same household may sit in the same seat or adjacent seats with an empty seat between household groups.

Every bus rider will be required to wear a mask.

Each bus will be equipped with hand sanitizer and extra face masks. Windows will be let down for the duration of the route to encourage air flow. Each bus will be cleaned after the completion of each route.

Buses will be required to have a mandatory seating chart.


Schools are closed to non-essential visitors in accordance with BESE policy. Every class will be required to have a mandatory seating chart.

Students and staff are required to wash hands upon arrival, every two hours, before and after eating, before and after using outdoor play equipment, and upon exiting the building.

Schools will establish an area and a protocol for isolating sick students. This area will be cleaned thoroughly after the student has gone home.

In accordance with BESE guidelines, all adults and 3rd-12th grade students will be required to wear a mask. We are aware that this may be difficult for some students, and we will make every effort to ensure our students are comfortable while following this policy. Masks should be solid colors and have no writing other than the student's school logo.

Upon entering the classroom each student's symptoms will be assessed, including an initial temperature check. The students’ symptoms will continue to be assessed throughout the day.

All staff will be required to complete the health screening protocol daily.


High-touch surfaces will be cleaned multiple times throughout the day, including bathrooms, using EPA-approved materials.

School employees will be provided adequate access to hygienic supplies, including soap, hand sanitizer with at least 60 percent alcohol, disinfectant wipes or spray, paper towels, and tissues.

If a room is used by more than one group in a single day, high-touch surfaces contained in that room will be cleaned before and after use by each group.


Conditioning and training while following the LHSAA/SMAC recommendations and guidelines as permitted.

Permitted/No Permitted