If you are currently working in an hourly or salaried position with Lincoln Parish School Board, then you are contributing toward your retirement in a state retirement system. Whether you are just starting your career or have years of experience, it’s always a good idea to understand the basics about your state retirement system membership and retirement options.

The resources in the member section of each retirement system’s website provide important information about your retirement eligibility requirements and retirement benefits.

If you have specific questions about your retirement from Lincoln Parish School Board, please contact
Julie Stephenson
(318) 255-1430, extension 225

What retirement system am I a member of?

If you are a Certified Employee, Secretary, Bookkeeper,
or Child Nutrition Program Employee then:


Phone Number: 1-877-275-8775

If you are a Custodial, Maintenance, or Transportation Employee then:


Phone Number: 1-800-256-3718

When can I retire?

Part of planning for your financial future is knowing when you will be able to retire. Every state retirement system member must meet certain eligibility requirements in order to retire, and those requirements are slightly different depending upon the plan you are in and when you first became a member.

Will I be able to keep my insurance benefits in retirement?

Employees who are retiring from the Lincoln Parish School Board who hold medical and/or dental insurance coverage immediately prior to the date of retirement are eligible to keep insurance benefit coverage in retirement provided that specific conditions are met.

To confirm your eligibility to keep insurance benefits in retirement, contact
Christine Hanna
318-255-1430, extension 235