Lincoln Parish Special Education

The mission of the Lincoln Parish Special Education Department is to promote student achievement, based on specifically identified needs, and preparation for success in the paths students choose to pursue.


Lincoln Parish School District recognizes that every student has unique individual needs. We will provide a program that meets the academic, physical, social, behavioral, and emotional needs of every student so that each student has equal opportunities to succeed and become a contributing member of society. In addition, we will improve the quality of life of students with disabilities and their families by developing and disseminating essential skills, knowledge, and values through teaching, and providing necessary services to enhance student success.


  • Ensure that students with disabilities are provided access to the general education curriculum and extracurricular activities in the regular education setting to the maximum extent possible with assistive supports

  • Ensure the participation of all students with disabilities in state, school system, or alternative assessments

  • Ensure compliance with state and federal regulations regarding students' annual IEP reviews, re-evaluation procedures, and periodic program updates

  • Using state and federal guidelines to maintain timely procedures for the identification processes for students suspected of having disabilities

  • Promote collaborative practices across educational settings between regular staff, special educators and related service providers

  • Maintain a constant effort towards continued staff development on current educational trends and educational issues

  • Support and facilitate parent involvement/participation in the special education process

  • Ensure participation in and dissemination of information concerning the transition process for students with disabilities and their parents

LPSB IEP Team Belief Statements 

  • Each child and every team is unique.

  • Each team member has a role in making sure all parties will feel heard, valued, and understood.

  • Team members have a responsibility to maintain a climate of civility at all times; communication amongst team members will be proactive, open, honest, respectful, and inclusive.

  • The student will be at the center of all team discussions, and decisions should be based on a data-driven body of evidence.

  • Each team member has a responsibility to engage in ongoing, positive relationships as the foundation for an effective team process.


Special Education Staff

Justin Barron- Supervisor justin.barron@lincolnschools.org

Tammy Clark- Administrative Assistant tclark@lincolnschools.org

Tara Turner- 6-12 Inclusion tturner@lincolnschools.org

Linda Fowler- Gifted/Talented, Speech Only, and eSER lfowler@lincolnschools.org

Dorothy Parks- PreK-12 Self-Contained dorothy.parks@lincolnschools.org

Kelly Hammond- PreK-5 Inclusion/Resource kelly.hammond@lincolnschools.org

Brooke Hoefler- Co-Teaching brooke.hoefler@lincolnschools.org