Q: When is the students' first day of school?

A: The first day of school is Wednesday, August 19. August 13,14,17,18 will be used as parent prep days. Each school will designate times for parents to come meet teachers and see how school will look for that year. You will receive correspondence regarding these days around the first of August.

Q: Who will have to wear a mask? What kind of mask can be worn? Will a mask be provided?

A: All students who ride the bus will be required to wear a mask while riding. Once in the school, masks are required for 3rd-12th graders and optional for Pre-K - 2nd graders. Masks should be solid colors or may have the school logo. We recommend younger students have their names written inside the mask so they will not get mixed up with others. One cloth mask will be provided to everyone at the start of school. Bus drivers and each school office will have extra masks in case a student comes to school without one. Students and teachers who have medical conditions that are hindered by a mask will not be required to wear one. We will allow "mask breaks" throughout the day when students are spaced and it is safe to do so.

Q: Will I be notified if a student tests positive for Covid-19 in my child's class?

A: You will be notified if your student is considered close contact with an infected student. Close contact is defined by the CDC and Louisiana Department of Health as being closer than 6 feet for 15 minutes. If your student is considered close contact, the CDC and LDH recommend your student quarantine at home for 14 days. We will follow the recommended guidelines case by case.

Q: What if my child tests positive for Covid-19?

A: If a child tests positive, the CDC and LDH requires students to isolate for at least 10 days. A student may return to school once they are asymptomatic and have not run a fever for at least 24 hours without a fever reducer.

Q: Will students who register for virtual learning be provided proper equipment?

A: We have purchased Chromebooks for 3rd-12th grade students and touch screen devices for Pre-K - 2nd grade. These devices should arrive by the first of September. We are in the process of securing AT&T and Verizon hot spots for special needs, low income, and students who live in rural areas. We are also working with community partners to secure areas where students will be able to go to use wireless.

Q: How will meals be provided to students?

A: This is still a work in progress. We are waiting for guidance from the CDC and LDH so we can provide these efficiently and safely.

Q: How will school supplies be handled this year?

A: We have updated the school supply lists on each school's website and the Lincoln Parish School Board website. Also, principals will be sending information to parents regarding supplies and when/where to bring them.

Q: Will parents have an opportunity to meet teachers in person?

A: Yes, August 13,14,17,18 have been set aside to give parents the opportunity to meet with their child's teachers.School's will designate times for parents to come and learn how school will look for their child and fill out any required paperwork.

Q: Will students still have P.E. and recess?

A: Yes, we will. However, this will look different at each school from what we're used to. We will maintain CDC and LDH guidance while participating in these activities. Students will remain with their groups. Playgrounds may be sectioned off so that each class may play on different pieces of equipment. P.E. activities will be limited to each class, and all equipment used will be sanitized after each class.

Q: Will transportation be provided?

A: Yes, but we encourage parents to bring children to school. Buses will run at 50% occupancy for phase 2 and 75% occupancy for phase 3. All students will be required to wear masks on the bus and hand sanitizer will be available. Windows will be let down for the duration of the route to inhibit air flow. Each bus will be cleaned after the completion of each route.

Q: How will the in-class secondary students schedule look?

A: Secondary students will be on an AB schedule. Each group will come every other day. So, for one week, the A group will come M/W/F and B group will be T/TH. The next week, the groups will switch. Group B will come M/W/F and group A will come T/TH.This lowers the number of students in each class and in hallways. Students will be given assignments to complete on the days they are at home, so they will receive lessons all 5 days of the week. Groups will be composed alphabetically by last name. We will work to ensure siblings come on the same days if last names are different.

Q: When will student temperatures be checked?

A: It is recommended by the CDC and LDH that students' temperaturesbe checked after they have been in the school building for 10-15 minutes. This is due to Student's temperature readings varying depending on the temperatures outside.

Q: Why do elementary students go to school every day while secondary students go every other day?

A. Elementary students will stay with the same group for the entire day, and this will limit the amount of contact they have with other students. We are hopeful the virtual learning program will create smaller elementary class sizes.Secondary students, however, rotate classes. This will allow us to lower the amount of students per class and in the hallways during class change.

Q: How will you work to make sure students are socially distanced?

It will be required that all buses and classes have mandatory seating charts. Bus capacity will be 50-75% (depending on the phase), allowing students room to spread out. The A/B schedule and virtual learning program will decrease class sizes.

Q: If a student has to quarantine or isolate will they still be able to attend class?

A: Yes, the benefit of a hybrid-learning gives us the opportunity to teach students virtually when they are unable to come to class. Students will be given class assignments and work they can do from home.

Q: Who continues class if a teacher is in quarantine?

A: If a teacher has to quarantine or becomes ill, their class will be covered. Subs will be called upon as usual. In some cases, teachers will still be able to provide instruction from home virtually. We will encourage teachers to partner with someone to assist in the event one of them needs to be home.

Q: Will students be allowed to bring their own water?

A: Yes, all students (both elementary and secondary) will be allowed to bring their own water. This must be brought in a clear, plastic water bottle.

Q: How will the Lincoln Parish Schools Virtual Program work?

The virtual learning Program will be administered through Google Classroom. Teachers will upload video lessons and instructional materials to this platform for students to engage with. Google Classroom allows students to send and receive communications with the teacher and participate in asynchronous classroom activities.

Pre-K-5th grade students will have live face-to-face instruction along with prerecorded lessons with assignments and activities. Parents are strongly encouraged to make every effort to have their child available for the live sessions. Live, face-to-face interaction is imperative in helping younger children learn to read and write.Attendance will be based upon completion of assignments.

6th-12th grade students will log in to Google Classroom and complete daily assignments at the time of their choice each day and will be counted in attendance as long as their assignments are completed that day.Teachers will embed pre-recorded lessons (in some cases, segments recorded during the live, face-to-face instruction) and slides into Google Slides to help guide the student along in the lesson plan.

Q: How are you handling self-contained students with disabilities at all schools?

A: Virtual Program/Hybrid

  • Students with significant disabilities will utilize the Unique Curriculum remotely. The Unique Curriculum has unit lessons that define three levels of differentiated tasks to accommodate the diversity of learners with significant disabilities.

  • Self-Contained teachers will schedule Zoom/Google Meet sessions to follow up on lessons and work on IEP Goals.

  • Service providers (OT, PT, Speech, APE) will provide services to students via Zoom/Google Meet sessions and/or face-to-face. This will be decided on a case by case basis depending on your child’s specific needs and IEP goals.

Q: Will the same school nurse take care of sped students and students showing symptoms

A:Each school will have a school nurse. Universal precautions are adhered to by each nurse with every student. The school nurse is responsible for the health and well-being of all students in the school system. An isolation room or area is designated at each school for those students with symptoms of COVID-19. The practices of social distancing, hand washing/hygiene, face covers and proper PPE will be maintained by the school nurse.

Q: If the nurse has been exposed how can she work with sped students or others?

A:Each school will have a school nurse each day at the school. All school nurses will be adhering to, training students and staff, and promoting the guidelines of social distancing, handwashing/hygiene, face covers and appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). The Office of Public Health will determine possible exposure and requirements of individual as far as quarantine/isolation as stated in the School Reopening Guidelines from The Louisiana Department of Education. Nurses will be using PPE which should be changed after coming in contact with possible COVID cases.

Q: How will therapy be done with students with disabilities?

A: If the student is in school, they will continue to receive therapy as normal. If they are hybrid or virtual, it may be offered virtually or the student may have designated times to come in for therapy. This will be determined through the IEP based on the student’s IEP goals and specific needs.

Virtual Students with Disabilities

  • All SPED students will receive services according to IEP Goals to the best extent possible.

  • Service providers will schedule Zoom/Google Meet sessions with students in accordance to IEP Goals and service minutes.

Hybrid Students with Disabilities (6-12)

  • All SPED students will receive services according to IEP Goals to the best extent possible.

  • Service providers will schedule either face-to-face or Zoom/Google Meet sessions with students in accordance to IEP Goals and service minutes.

In Class Learners

  • All SPED students will receive services according to IEP Goals in the same manner as previous years.

Q: How will IEPs be done?

IEPs/IAPs for Virtual Program and Hybrid

  • IEP Teams will conduct meetings when school reopens. The Team will follow the normal IEP process/protocol for review of IEPs due to participation in the virtual program. IEPs can be amended in the fall to reflect changes needed for 2020-2021 school year. Parents are welcome to attend in person; however, we will also continue to offer the option to attend via Zoom to allow for physical distancing and decreased contacts if the parent agrees to that modality.

Q: What happens if your child has autism?

  • Their services will be provided according to their specific needs and IEP goals as with any student with a disability; however, we anticipate there may be some unique needs such as difficulty wearing a mask, difficulty with understanding our new social boundaries, or difficulty with transitioning. The IEP teams should consider these things and include strategies to assist these students in learning new routines. We would also expect the school staff to understand it may take these students longer to adjust and use patience and reteaching of expectations frequently.